Evaluation of the social and environmental profitability of peasant farms, with emphasis on productive sustainability and natural resources management

Support from: Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Period: March – June 2021

General purpose:

Demonstrate with empirical data the advantages and economic, social, and environmental benefits of agroecological practices and the sustainable management of natural resources, to strengthen social awareness on these ways of production and life.

Specific objectives:

  1. Analyze and systematize field information from three farms with management
    agroecological, in its economic, social and environmental dimensions, with emphasis on the
    sustainability and sustainable management of natural resources.
  2. Improve the arguments in defense of agroecological practices and management
    sustainable use of natural resources, disseminated in printed and digital materials of
    easy access.
  3. Influence the debate on production models, both within the
    peasant and indigenous organizations as well as citizens in general.

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